Conservative treatment of an arachnoid cyst of Rosuvastatin pills is required only with a progressive type of education. Medications are prescribed to stop inflammation, normalize cerebral circulation, and restore damaged neurons. The duration of the course is determined individually.

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The following medicines are used: Longidaz, Karipatin for resorption of adhesions; Actovegin, Gliatilin to restore metabolic processes in tissues; Viferon, Timogen for the normalization of immunity; Pyrogenal, Crestor - antiviral drugs. Surgical treatment of arachnoid formation begins only with the ineffectiveness of conservative methods.

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 The needle aspiration method allows you to effectively remove fluid from the CSF tumor of the left and right lobes. Shunting. The technique involves drainage of the formation to ensure the outflow of fluid. Fenestration. It involves the excision of a pathological formation with a laser. Trepanation of the skull. This is a radical and effective procedure. The method is highly traumatic, therefore, it can lead to the development of dangerous consequences. Endoscopy. This is a low-traumatic technique that allows you to remove the contents of the cystic cavity through punctures.

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Prevention of primary arachnoid formation is the observance of a healthy lifestyle by a woman during pregnancy. To prevent the development of secondary formations, you need: maintain normal cholesterol levels; monitor the level of blood pressure; with the development of infectious or autoimmune diseases, timely treatment is necessaryion; monitor well-being after brain injuries.

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Arachnoid cyst is a dangerous disease that has severe consequences if left untreated. If the patient went to the doctor immediately after determining the neoplasm, adheres to all recommendations, then the prognosis is optimistic. Otherwise, the liquor cyst of the right temporal lobe, the arachnoid cyst of the pineal gland or another part of Rosuvastatin will eventually cause unpleasant symptoms, complications (convulsions, epilepsy, loss of sensitivity), and death.

Arachnoid cyst is a benign CSF formation in the central nervous system, which is located in the intracranial region of the brain or in the spinal canal.

The cyst occurs between the surface of the brain and the arachnoid membrane, which gave the name to the disease, since in Greek "arachne" means "spider". Arachnoid CSF cysts were first described in 1831, but still remain unexplored to the end. After all, this is one of the few cysts that occur from time to time (sporadically), and it accounts for 1% of all intracranial neoplasms.

Arachnoid cysts are divided into primary or true and secondary or acquired. The reason for the formation of a primary arachnoid cerebrospinal fluid cyst is an anomaly in the development of the membranes of the brain in the fetus as a result of the action of drugs, radiation, toxins and other negative factors. A secondary or acquired arachnoid cyst develops against the background of such diseases as meningitis, agenesis of the corpus callosum, a complication of brain injuries, as well as after surgical interventions for bruises, concussions and mechanical damage to the meninges.

Arachnoid cysts should be distinguished from retrocerebellar cysts. Both types are benign formations that look like a bubble filled with fluid. But if we compare the arachnoid and retrocerebellar cysts, then the first is formed by cerebrospinal fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). The second is the formation at the site of the dead areas of gray matter. Unlike arachnoid, retrocerebellar cyst occurs as a result of a stroke, insufficient cerebral circulation, encephalitis.

Both types of cysts can be asymptomatic, but arachnoid cysts do not always require treatment, and retrocerebral, if left untreated, can lead to further destruction of the brain.

Finally, the main difference between arachnoid and retrocerebral cysts is that the first is located on the surface of the brain between the membranes, and the second is in the thickness of the brain substance.

From a histological point of view, arachnoid cerebrospinal fluid cysts are divided into simple and complex. Simple is lined with cells capable of active liquor production.

Cysts with a complex wall structure may contain neuroglia, ependyma, and other tissues.

Arachnoid cysts are usually asymptomatic and discovered incidentally during a general examination, or the first symptoms of formation appear before the age of 20 years.

The nature and severity of symptoms depends on the size and location of the arachnoid cyst.

Most often, the consequences of crestor include headaches, vomiting and nausea, sometimes hallucinations, convulsions and mental disorders join them.

Patients may experience neurological symptoms such as paresis (weakening of voluntary movements) and ataxia (impaired coordination of movements).

Outwardly, the signs of Rosuvastatin cyst resemble a concussion of the brain, and if a benign formation is located in the spinal region, then its symptoms resemble a herniated spinal disc.

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Since the consequences of the disease are quite specific, the doctor must perform a series of studies that allow a differentiated diagnosis to be made.

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